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Mixing music albums and singles
Audio Post Mixing
Mixing audio for video
Technical Services
Audio Wiring and Troubleshooting, Documentation, and Acoustic Problem Solving
Some Notes


Music mixing has traditionally been done in large commercial studios. The reasons for this are numerous, and often still valid. If you require a group of people to convene and make production or audio related decisions, you need to be able fix performance issues on the spot, or the artist and / or the producer want to hear their work on the highest quality large scale monitoring systems, a large commercial studio is the best answer.
However, due to the current market conditions and today's technology, it is now possible to mix your record remotely. Communicating via ftp and email for file transfers and approval, you can save the cost of a studio and still get a high quality mix. This has worked very effectively for a number of my clients. I have the facilities to do this at very competitive prices. If you want a multi-platinum pro level mix for your album or single, but don’t have the budget, this may be the best way to go.

Audio Post

Audio post work (audio for video) is generally done in a facility specifically designed for it, as the audio and video components need to work seamlessly together, large amounts data have to be moved around quickly, and there are numerous intake and delivery formats, both file based and tape based. Many television production houses have facilities that suit exactly what they need to do. Otherwise this work needs to be done in an independent commercial studio that can handle all the formats you need. Please call me with your needs to coordinate an optimum situation for your project

Technical Services

Both room based acoustic problems and technical issues caused by equipment interfacing problems are some of the issues we handle. Complete audio studio / system wiring and documentation services are also available.
Tommy Uzzo Mixing
Audio Hardware and Software Capabilities
  • Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Digidesign D-Control / D-Command
  • Fairlight Xynergi, CC-1, and Dream Software, Constellation Console
  • Solid State Logic E, G, J, K and Duality Hardware and Software
  • Euphonix System 5 and MaxAir Consoles Hardware and Software
  • Solid State Logic C100 HD and C10 HD Hardware and Software
  • Complete understanding of Analog and Digital Audio wiring, MIDI, and SMPTE
  • Mixing Consoles, Speakers, Outboard Equipment, and Analog Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders including complete maintenance and calibration
  • Extensive Troubleshooting of Various Audio/ Video Equipment Problems